I know, I know, you already have an email but…

  1. Don’t use your non-author work mail for your private e-mail if you want to keep your job.
  2. Don’t use your wife’s email (oops) if you don’t want to sleep on the couch.
  3. Wouldn’t you like to have a single E-Mail that is only used for your Author work and nothing else?
  4. Are you going to allow your fans to contact you on E-Mail
  5. As in the privacy post, if you use your current email to sign up for something (facebook, chats etc) and want to change your email later it can become very difficult or impossible.

I set up one e-mail just for author business and another for fan mail.

You can use ATT, Yahoo, Google or whatever, it doesn’t matter.

Set up your two accounts with different names (business and fan) before you start down the social media road.

I used gmail. Just search Google for gmail and follow the prompts for new accounts. It’s easy. By the way, start writing down all these site’s user names and passwords you will have MANY and you will never be able to remember them all.

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