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Now you go get an account. You fill in the information on your “Facebook profile” and this not only moves you inside the building housing all of those people you saw through the glass, this “profile” becomes “you”, the individual in the Facebook world.

The Profile. The profile you put into Fb is “you”. Each of the things you include in the profile is a “field” that is used to tag you and make you a searchable quantity. For instance, when I put in Patrick for first name, anyone one who searches for Patrick will get me and a very long list of other Patrick’s. When I add Khayler, searching for Patrick Khayler searches across two fields (first and Last name) and very few (only one) Fb pages are found. The other fields are equally important making you an ever more unique person/page as you fill things in. For example, when you fill in the high school field, anyone searching for that high school will find you within that list but it will be a big list. If you give a year you went to high school, you can be found in a much more specific group, people who went to that high school, in that year and have your name.

Using your profile you can now search and interact with other people (actually other profiles) and they can search and interact with you (your profile) but only based on data in the profile. In other words, you can’t be found by your college if you didn’t put your college in the profile. The profile you see (before you are friends) shows only the information that was put in the profile, the pictures that the profile owner has posted themselves, the friends that profile has and the posts (things the profile owner wrote or shared with him/herself). When you go to “about” you can see the rest of the information that the profile owner has placed in their public bio.

Importantly, not only can you interact with other profiles, marketers and salesmen can look for you because of what you put in your bio. When you gave the name of your high school, the Facebook algorithm found everyone who had filled in that same name in that same field and sent their profiles to you under “people you may know”. Similarly you will suddenly be the target of people who want to set up reunions, people who want to help you find old class mates etc. In other words: salesman.


1) Your Fb Profile page is your representation on Fb.

2) The fields you fill in under your profile bio define “who you are” and allow other people to search for you or people like you. Targeting.

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