Time for Facebook

Now you have to get a Facebook account. Why? Because it’s the best way to connect with people interested in the same things you are: i.e. writing, reading etc…

Getting an account is easy, you log on to facebook.com, choose new account, enter the information requested and, there you are. But…

1) What name are you going to use? Again, back to the pen name post earlier. If you are going to use a pseudonym, make sure the email account you use to set up your Fb account is the one you used for your fans (email post above) and not your business account (email post above). Why? a) Because you’re going to get all kinds of email and become the target of spam. b) You probably want to keep your personal life separate from your business life and c) How much do you really want people to see about you? (below)

2) If you are going to use a fan page it will be linked to your Facebook page and it may be difficult for people trying to get a hold of you to tell them apart. Hell, it’s sometimes difficult for the person with multiple pages to tell them apart.

3) Don’t use your phone number for any part of the application process or you link your phone number indelibly to your Facebook page and you can even be searched for by that number. More importantly, it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible to unlink your number. I know, I know, the “remove number button”. Well, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If you want your phone number out there, go ahead.

4) Anything you put on Facebook is public property, period. Wait, you say, stuff in my private area is only available to my friends. Wrong. It all goes into the giant algorithm that is Facebook and is interchanged all the time between people, companies etc. Your information and everything you put on Facebook not only makes you easier to find by people you want to find you, it also makes you easier to find by people you don’t want to find you (salesmen, marketers etc.). When you put a picture up and hit “public”, believe it. That’s not to say that this is a problem, only that you should be aware of it.

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