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Readers and writers opinion on the Best Menage based books and authors.

Best Menage

I added this category stream to find out what people were reading in the Menage Erotic Romance genre. I want to know what your favorite Novel in the menage category is and who your favorite author writing in this style is. Most importantly, I want to know WHY that is your favorite novel and WHY he/she is your favorite author. This is a genre that I really enjoy and I want make my own writing better. In order to do this I want to know what you like to read in this genre so I can read it too!

If you have time, please give the book title, author and publisher to give them credit. State whether it is “a trois” or other (i.e. Power Tools) and the modifiers MFM, FMF etc… Especially for me, is it a marital menage (married couple with a “Third”)? Feel free to give a synopsis or, whatever else you want to say. No rules.

Lastly, if you are an author, keep your name, website, fb, twitter info at the bottom. Free publicity. If people like what you read, they will read your books too. I will never post negative, personally directed flames. I promise.

Have Fun!!!