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Bound By Cotton Excerpt

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An Excerpt From: BOUND BY COTTON

Copyright © PATRICK KHAYLER, 2016

The door closed, plunging her into a darkness lit only by the ephemeral glow of the displays in the distance. Even through her clothes she felt the heat of his body. The hard bulge in his pants pressed against her, demanding attention. His hands gripped her ass and pulled tighter. She snaked her arms around his body. “I don’t know if I can…” She turned her lips upward, hoping her words didn’t disappoint him.

“My sweet Rebecca,” he whispered in reply. “You’ve already begun.”

She tasted his lips. A soft, moist press. His warm tongue touching her own. His hands slipped farther, cupping between her thighs and ass. As he lifted, she relinquished the floor and wrapped her legs around his waist. She panted, touching his head with the backs of her hands as his lips found her neck.

Gentle. The soft heat of his tongue pressed her jaw line, teased her senses for less than a second before slipping another inch, covering every inch of her neck, kiss by succulent kiss. Her back pressed against the closed door and he leaned into her. The bulge beneath his pants teased her clit through her moist panties. She moaned, ready to give him anything he asked as long as he slid his cock into her.

With a gentle nip against her shoulder, he lowered her legs until her feet rested on solid ground. She stood on shaking legs, unable to see anything in the dim light. She could only feel.

His strong hands cupped her face, turning her chin upward to kiss her lips again. He leaned into her, compressing her breasts against his chest. Fingers tangled in her hair, pulled sweetly and bared her throat to his tongue. His free hand slid down her arm and closed around her wrist before raising it above her head and forcing it against the steel frame. She didn’t struggle. She had no desire to escape, only to yield.

His hand released her hair, brushing her cheek before it slid down her other arm. She felt his hot breath on her ear as he lifted her other wrist above her head to join the first.

“Are you mine?” he asked, his tone low.

She barely managed to find a single word. “Yes.”

His tongue lapped her earlobe. She tried to push her hips against him but his pelvis ground hard, holding her in place. He shifted his grip, holding both her wrists in a single hand.

“I can smell your arousal. The scent of beauty.” His voice had become heated passion.

He stepped slightly, opening space between them but refusing to release her hands. She opened her eyes to see him but a dark outline was all he’d become. His fingertip touched her lips and she took it into her mouth, sucking lightly. A promise to yield. She released the suction with regret, allowing his finger to resume its downward pull. Her chin. Her throat. Her chest. He cupped her breast and slid lower. She gasped and urged her hips forward.

“I will make you my masterpiece.” His hand found the hem of her dress, pulling upward. “Are you willing to learn?”

“I am.” Her resistance had faded long ago. She wanted him inside her. Nothing less would quench her need.

Bound By Cotton


Becky’s Valentine Dreams left her with a longing for the supernatural and as another holiday approaches, she’s ripe for another sexual adventure. Museum curator Peter isn’t what she’d expected but, then again, trying to fathom the wants of unearthly beings is complicated at best. His tastes are far more exotic than she’s used to and may just be more extreme than she can handle. Her mysterious new lover can fulfill her every lust-filled fantasy, force her to her knees with a look, have her wet and writhing with a touch and leave her aching for the explosive release only he can bring.

Unimaginable desires tease just beyond her reach, unimagined pleasures tempered by pain, a lifetime of learning in a single night—but first Becky must learn to submit.

                                       A contemporary BDSM erotica