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Describes what I have learned and what I wish I hadn’t leared navigating Social Media as a newbie.

Privacy Planning

As you start to add to your social media and contact sets you have to think about your own privacy and do a little planning. The World Wide Web is massively interconnected in ways you can’t even think about. More importantly, a lot of the places you sign up for intend to sell data on you to third parties: i.e. your phone number, your address etc.

  1. Never use your phone number for anything when setting up unless there is absolutely no alternative. Unless of course, you want to be called on your phone or have your sites looked up by phone number. It can also be VERY difficult to remove your phone number once it is put in (i.e. facebook)
  2. Assume everything is connected to everything else.

Pen names anyone?

It’s up to you to decide if a pen name is right for you. But first consider the following by Sylvia Day:

and Tracy Cooper-Posey.

That done now you have to pick a name. It should be memorable etc. but not ridiculous. Ask your editor for help if you’re not sure.

Now that you picked, do an extensive search on google etc. Why?  Because you want to find out if 1) Someone already uses that name 2) What is going to pop up on google when someone searches for you and 3) Whether or not you will even be able to get a domain name even close to your name or site you want.

If your searches yield no one with that name or more likely, a tolerable number of people or sites pop up on that search, you are ready for the next step.

Promoting The Book: The pains of social media

I decided to add this category to my blog in the hopes of saving someone else the pain I have gone through and to request your help to avoid future pitfalls.

You already wrote the book, titled it, got it accepted and are in the editing process: that’s a whole other topic.

What now?

Here we go…