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New Blurb for Valentine Dreams

Valentine Dreams

Patrick Khayler

Assistant Principal Becky moved to Houston for a new start but as Valentine’s Day approaches, she can only think about the couple she left behind and that life-changing night they allowed her to share. So when a breathtaking woman suddenly appears and melts Becky’s panties with just one hot look, newly awakened Becky can’t wait for what their next encounter might bring. Hiding her desire to be with another woman is hard enough but dodging her work duties to be with the mysterious, almost unearthly, object of her desire might just end her career. The enchantress promises Becky a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget but first Becky has to be brave enough to seek out Valentine Dreams of limitless pleasure.

A contemporary LGBT erotica

An Excerpt from Valentine Dreams


Copyright © PATRICK KHAYLER, 2016

Becky could actually hear her own heart pounding. The air seemed to move as the woman spoke. Every hair on Becky’s body felt lifted and pulled at the same time, as if the visitor’s presence alone had become a palpable touch. Ethereal fingertips brushed across her neck before dancing down her spine in an indescribable bouquet of sensation. Warmth expanded in her chest, rushing toward her abdomen before leaping across each of her toes.

What’s happening to me?

Becky watched the woman levitate herself into the chair only a few inches from her own, the same perfect posture pressing her breasts outward and hinting at the nipples below. The overpoweringly seductive scent. The woman’s knees touched and turned inward, letting the fabric of her dress brush against Becky’s. She leaned her elbow on the table and rested her chin on the back of her hand, staring with what could only be described as rapt fascination.

“I’m Valentine,” the woman said.

Becky licked her lips, nerves frayed. She didn’t want to move her legs farther away but she wasn’t quite ready to move them closer either. “Like the day?” Her flush deepened. How could I say something so stupid?

Valentine smiled sweetly before setting her palm on Becky’s twitching knee, immediately calming it. “Exactly like the day. As in four days from now.”

Her hand felt wonderful. So warm. So close. “I’m Becky. I can’t say Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites.”

Valentine pushed out her lower lip and tilted her head in a pout. Her hand moved gently from Becky’s knee to her thigh and back down again. “Well then, I’ll just have to change your opinion of my day, won’t I, Rebecca?”

Becky was wet and horny as hell. She’d only met Valentine minutes before and she was already aching to kiss her beautiful mouth but her eyes were drawn to the small tattoo. Half of the heart was now obscured by the top of Valentine’s dress but Becky couldn’t look away from the voluptuous skin beneath it. She wanted to touch it, draw her finger around the outline until she discovered where the arrow led.

“It’s a birthmark,” Valentine said.

Becky’s gaze leaped back to the luscious smile and insanely green eyes. No. Blue eyes. Dark blue. Infinite dreams. I can’t believe I’m thinking about her breasts! “What? I wasn’t

“That damn word again. You have to be willing to ask for the things you want, Rebecca, or you’re never going to get them.”

Becky inhaled sharply. Lisa had said the same thing. A coincidence. “I was looking at the tattoo—”

“Birthmark,” Valentine interrupted.

Valentine took her elbow off the table and cupped Becky’s knee between her hands. She leaned forward, sliding both hands upward as she moved. Her advance halted with her breasts inches away from Becky’s lips. Her fingers pressed through the fabric of Becky’s dress until Becky could feel them against her damp panties. Becky’s breath caught at the touch as she struggled to keep her legs open.

Valentine’s hot breath whispered in Becky’s ear seductively, “Now you can see it properly. All you had to do was ask.”

Valentine’s dress pulled against the skin only a kiss away. Becky stared at the birthmark. Deep red. Perfectly shaped. The arrow disappeared beneath the fabric, hidden from view. God I want you!

“It points to my hard nipple. But,” her soft lips found Becky’s ear with a gentle kiss, “you’re going to have to ask if you want to see for yourself.”

Before Becky could beg for her permission, the seductress sat up slowly, then stood. She placed a fingernail beneath Becky’s chin and led Becky’s gaze upward until the two of them connected across the intervening space. Her voice was sex without limits. “It’s been a pleasure, Rebecca. I’d like to see more of you. A lot more. If that’s what you want. Wear a smile next time. Panties are optional.”



Valentine Dreams

My new quickie (20,000 words) was just granted a contract by Ellora’s Cave, it looks like I am back to edits. The new story is a Valentine’s Day FF. The main character is Becky Sanchez, first seen in The Present out on 1/8/2016.

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